ProfiCAD Since Version 6



Greek language added

Πολλές ευχαριστίες στον Ανδρέα Βουζίκη που μετέφρασε το περιβάλλον χρήστη στα Ελληνικά. Κατεβάστε το αρχείο greek.ini και σώστε το στο φάκελο C:\Program Files\ProfiCAD\lang. Απο το Μενού:
File - Options - Others, στο πεδίο Language επιλέξτε greek και επανεκκινήστε το πρόγραμμα!


ProfiCAD 6.7.2

Ability to remove an object from a selection.

If several objects have been selected and you need to remove an object from the selection, click it while holding keys Ctrl and Shift. In this mode the mouse movements are blocked to avoid any unwanted moving of the selected objects.

mouse and keyboard program control overview:
Shift + drag objectmoves object and disregards the snap
Ctrl + drag objectcloning
Ctrl + clickadds object to the selection
Ctrl + Shift + clickadds or removes object to/from the selection
Shift + mousewheelhorizontal shift of the drawing
Ctrl + mousewheelvertical shift of the drawing
holding Ctrl while drawing
rectangles, ellipses and lines
orthogonal drawing mode
pressing the cursor keys (arrows)moves selected objects by 0.1 mm





ProfiCAD 6.7.1

Size of fields in a reference grid is adjustable.

Size of fields in a reference grid



Export to DXF data format

Export to DXF data format has been modified - texts in the converted drawing are smaller.


ProfiCAD 6.7

A new way to create symbols.

If you plan to create a symbol that is similar to some other symbol that already exists in the library, it is advisable to create it as a copy and sketch in the parts that are different. This will ensure the symbols in the library will keep their consistency in terms of dimensions, outlet locations, etc.

In the symbols palette, right-click on the symbol used as a pattern to open a menu containing two commands. The first one is "Open symbol"; the second one is "Create similar symbol".

creating similar symbol

A dialogue box appears upon selecting the second command. Enter the new symbol title. If the symbol is supposed to be in a different group, press the "Change" button and select the target group.

When confirmed using the OK button, the process of creating the new symbol is completed. All that is left to be done is making the changes that distinguish the new symbol from the original (sample) and saving the symbol.

Have the symbols drawn for you

If you cannot be bothered by drawing the symbols yourself, you can have them drawn for you for a fee. The price depends on the quantity and complexity of your symbols. For any questions, please use our contact form.


ProfiCAD 6.6.1

The new version features an improvement that is particularly useful for schools and multi-licence environments.

Previously, when an administrator installed ProfiCAD and another user (a student) then logged in, they had to set up the path to the symbols library themselves (in File - Options - Paths).

This version presets the path to the symbols library for all users and thus eliminates the problem.


Romanian language support added

Please download this file and save it to the C:\Program Files\ProfiCAD\lang folder. Then go to File - Options - Others and select romanian. Then restart ProfiCAD.

Download and unzip this file with the Romanian library. Set up the path to the library in File - Options - Paths.



ProfiCAD 6.6

text alignment

Text alignment

It is possible to set the text alignment mode using the new icons on the toolbar.

List of wires - Export

The list of wires can be copied to the Windows clipboard using a new "Copy to Clipboard" button and then pasted for example into MS Excel using the Ctrl+V shortcut.

Print Symbols

In the paid version it is possible to print the symbols from your library using the menu command "File - Print Symbols". A dialog window appears where you can select the group(s) of symbols you want to print. You can also specify the density of the symbols, i. e. how many symbols should printed side by side.

print electrical symbols

The program shows how many symbols have been selected and how many sheets of paper will be needed. Start printing (or print preview) using the usual icons on the toolbar or use the Ctrl+P shortcut.

print preview of the symbols


New Symbols

A few symbols have been added to the library. You can download the symbols separately or download the whole library here.

Default Snap


The default snap is set to 10 mm to facilitate the placement of symbols in the initial stage of the drawing.

After the symbol have been placed, set the snap to a lower value (fig. 2). You can also try the automatic snap feature (fig. 1).

How to install

If you already have ProfiCAD, you can use the auto-update feature. You can enable it in File - Options (F12) - Others, check the "Check for updates" checkbox and restart ProfiCAD.

Support Us

If you like ProfiCAD you can join us on facebook. Thank you.


ProfiCAD 6.5

Reference Grid

reference grid

This version brings a reference grid for better orientation in large drawings (File - Options - Document - Reference Grid). You can specify along which edges the grid will be displayed. It is also possible to enable centering marks.

enable the reference grid

The area (sector) where the mouse pointer is located is shown in the status bar. It is also displayed in the list of wires for the ends of each wire.

list of wires

The reference grid is available in the paid version of ProfiCAD only.

Symbols Library

The library of symbols is being updated continuously. Recently a set of ANSI (Y32.2) symbols was added. You can download the library here.

How to install

If you already have ProfiCAD, you can use the auto-update feature. You can enable it in File - Options (F12) - Others, check the "Check for updates" checkbox.


ProfiCAD 6.4.1

minor fixes


ProfiCAD 6.4

Ability to draw striped wires

striped wires setting up a striped wire
The procedure:
  1. select a line type
  2. select the first color
  3. select the second color
  4. enable the second color


New line type

For the purposes of the striped wires, a new line type called "dash space evenly" was created. It has equally long segments of both colors. You can download the file with this new line type here.

Save the file to the proficad library into the _LIN directory (it should replace the original "lines.lin" file). You can determine the location of the proficad library in program settings (F12), "paths".

nový typ čáry



New Symbols

The transistors in the library have been supplemented and modified to comply with the norm EN60617.

download transistors


ProfiCAD 6.3

Ability to change the size of a symbol in a drawing

A symbol can be resized by dragging its handles with your mouse. Handles in the corners resize the symbol while maintaining the width / height ratio. The other handles resize the symbol only in the appropriate direction.

The size of a symbol can also be changed in the Properties panel, by entering values of the "scale" property ​​for X and Y axis.

It is possible to set the initial scale of the newly inserted symbols to the drawing. This option can be entered in the program settings (F12) - Paths - field "initial scale of the symbols" and it is available only in the paid version.

scale symbol

The ability to change the thickness of symbols and wires

If you increase the size of a symbol and you will feel that their lines are too thin, you can set a ratio by which the thickness of the lines and wires is multiplied.

For example, if you specify the ratio 1.5, the line thickness will change from 0.2 mm to 0.3 mm (1.5 x 0.2 = 0.3). This setting can be entered in the program settings (F12) - Paths - field "Symbols and wires line thickness ratio and it is available only in the paid version.

initial scale ratio

The grid below the current layer

So far the grid had been rendered below the lowest layer.

Now the grid is rendered below the current layer, so it is visible even if there is an image (e. g. with a building floor plan) in the lower layer.

Display of angles and lengths of lines

When a line is being drawn, the length and angle of the last segment is displayed in the status bar. The "Properties" panel displays lengths and angles of all line segments.

3 < 4 angle of the line segment between points 3. and 4.
3 d 4 length (distance) of the line segment between points 3. and 4.


ProfiCAD 6.2.2

minor fixes


ProfiCAD 6.2.1


Performance optimization.

website relocation

To improve our service, the website has been relocated to U.S. West Coast. The website stays in Europe. For optimal performance please use the website nearer to you.


Both (identical) websites provide these services: information about symbols for electrical diagrams (schematics) and free online DXF and DWG viewer.


ProfiCAD 6.2

ability to resize (scale) a symbol in the symbols editor

(paid version only)

In the symbols editor, is it possible to change the size of a symbol using the menu command Object - Resize a Symbol. A dialog box appears where you can set a new size using the slider.

This feature is intended for the case when you have created a symbol and later realized that it should have a different size.

flipping graphical objects

ability to flip graphical objects

It is possible to flip lines, bezier curves and polygons using the Object - Flip Horizontal and Object - Flip Vertical commands.

initial title block

new drawings with a title block

A title block is automatically inserted into new drawings. You can switch off this feature in program settings (F12) - Others - at the bottom of the dialog window.



ProfiCAD 6.1.4


Now it is possible to open a document by double-clicking from the Windows Explorer.


ProfiCAD 6.1.3

toolbar of the Layers panel

it is now possible to change the order of the layers - two buttons were added to the Layers panel.


ProfiCAD 6.1.2

it is now possible to download all electrical symbols in one file

minor fixes

help file was updated


ProfiCAD 6.1.1

minor fixes


ProfiCAD 6.1


Symbols can contain images.

Images can be transferred from Windows Explorer (Ctrl+C) to the drawing (Ctrl+V). It is also possible to drag images from Windows Explorer into the ProfiCAD drawing.

Texts can be inserted from the Windows clipboard into the drawing (Ctrl+V).

There is a new shortcut key F12 for program settings (options).

Adding support for Chinese and Japanese. Switch the language in program options (F12) - "Others" and restart ProfiCAD.


ProfiCAD 6

symbol palette

The main improvement of version 6 is the symbol palette. It was designed to enable inserting a symbol into the schematic with a single mouse click. The symbol palette will appear when you hover over the symbol panel with your mouse.

electrical wiring

Left-click the symbol to insert it into the schematic. Right-click to open the symbol in the symbol editor.

electrical symbols

The symbol palette can appear unintentionally. In this case, we can get rid of it in one of the following ways:

  1. move the mouse cursor above the palette
  2. press the Esc button
  3. left-click the white area between symbols
  4. press the cross in the top right corner

The symbol palette is functional under the Windows XP system, however, the symbols are not arranged according to subgroups. Windows Vista or Windows 7 is the recommended system.


Location of the library of the symbols has been changed. It is no longer in "c:\program files\proficad\proficad library", because in Windows Vista and higher standard users do not have permissions to write in that folder. The library is installed in the "Documents" folder. You can of course move it to whatever folder is convenient for you.

Because of the new graphical symbols' palette it may be convenient to rearrange the symbols so that no group is too small or too large and the palette area is used optimally.


The previous version of the program had limited layer support. A drawing could only have two layers. Now, a drawing can have an unlimited amount of layers. The new "Layers" panel is used for switching through layers. Select the active layer (currently used in the drawing) from the list. The button containing the plus symbol is used to add a layer. The button containing a red cross is used to delete a layer.

Layers can have arbitrary names according to what objects it will hold, for example: walls, wiring, security alarm systems, ethernet, heating, furniture etc. The default names of layers for newly created drawings (-1 = background, 0 = normal) come from traditional AutoCAD system layer identification and can be renamed arbitrarily. Layer visibility can be switched on and off.

explorer panel

only displays objects which are available in the active layer. Two buttons were added which enable changing the order of objects within the drawing.


ProfiCAD version 6 can open documents from previous versions 3, 4 and 5. The documents created under version 6 cannot be opened in previous versions. We recommend backing up your drawings and symbols prior to installing version 6.

It is possible to run both version 5 and 6 (for evaluating purposes) by installing version 6 in a different folder, for example "c:\program files\proficad 6".

ProfiCAD 6 was developed with the latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and no longer supports Windows 2000. Windows XP or higher is required.

This is a paid upgrade. Existing customers will receive a discount from the usual price.

feedback wanted

Please send your remarks, questions and opinions using the contact form or via e-mail.

how to improve ProfiCAD

We are preparing many other improvements which will gradually be added to the program. Unfortunately, the development is not so fast. There is a way how you can help speed up the development process:

  1. recommend the program to people you know and your friends
  2. if you have a website, place a link to the ProfiCAD website here.
The more users => the better ProfiCAD

Thank you for your support!