Import from AutoCAD (DXF and DWG)

This feature is predominantly intended for pasting a building floor projection to a drawing and sketching electro-installation. The drawing imported from AutoCAD gets converted to an image. It is not possible to edit the individual objects (lines, blocks etc.).

Supported formats: DXF from version 12 and DWG from version 13.


  1. Select the background layer from the Layer tab
  2. Select the Insert - AutoCAD document command. A dialog window will appear. Open a DXF or DWG document using the Open button. The document will take a few seconds to convert and the document preview will display.
  3. Paste the document to the drawing using the Paste button. The document can be saved in the PNG format using the Save button, edited in any graphic application and pasted to the drawing using the Insert - Image command later on.
  4. Using the mouse stretch out the imported drawing to the desired size.