Symbol attributes


Symbols can be provided with a text description - attributes. The attributes can be created using link Attributes in the bottom part of the panel Properties (appears after you double-click on the symbol).

A dialog window will appear where you can specify the attribute name, its value and visibility in the drawing.

The attribute names can content only letters and numbers, cannot start with a number and are advised to start with a capital letter.

attributes of a symbol

Group attributes

To avoid specify attributes for each symbol separately, the program allows you to predefine attributes for symbols according to the group they belong to. Group attributes can be specified using command menu File – Library Configuration. A dialog window will appear with symbols library. Choose a symbol group on the left side. Specify attributes on the right.

The attribute value can be left empty or filled with a value that will be used most. Every symbol that will be inserted in the drawing will get attributes of its group and all its parent groups. Attributes that will be added to the group “ProfiCAD Library" will be assigned to all symbols. Use menu command View - reread symbols to apply the changes in the symbols library.

Positions of attributes

You can specify at which positions the attributes of a newly inserted symbol will appear.

The procedure:

  1. Insert a symbol into the drawing.
  2. Drag symbols' attributes to the desired positions.
  3. Right-click the symbol and select command Save positions of labels.