Data fields in title blocks

For the TBs to work properly, every document should contain data fields info. You can enter data fields info in Options - Document - data fields.

You can use any names for the items. The only two exceptions to this rule are items "author" and "date", because they are prefilled automatically by ProfiCAD.

Names of the items must not contain spaces. 

The items that are different on each page need to be entered in panel Pages.


According to the norm EN ISO 7200 (June 2008) TBs should contain these data fields:

name explanation recommended number of characters mandatory?
legal owner name of the legal owner of the document, company name or logo unspecified yes
identification number should be unique — at least within the organization of the legal owner 16 yes
revision index various combinations of letters or figures (AA, AB, A1 etc.) 2 no
date of issue date on which the document is officially released for the first time 10 yes
segment/sheet number identifies the segment or sheet 4 yes
number of segments/sheets number of segments or sheets 4 no
language code language code - based on ISO 639 4 no
title refers to the content of the document - should not contain abbreviations 25 yes
supplementary title   25 no
responsible department name or code for the organizational unit responsible for the contents and maintenance of the document 10 no
technical reference name of the person having sufficient knowledge of the technical contents of the document 20 no
approval person name of the person who approved the document 20 yes
creator creator or person who has prepared or revised the document 20 yes
document type document type field indicates the role of the document with respect to its content of information and representation format 30 yes
classification/key words the text or code to categorize the contents of the document used for retrieval unspecified no
document status for example “In preparation”, “Under approval”, “Released” and “Withdrawn” etc. 20 no
page number 4 no
number of pages 4 no
paper size for example letter, A4 etc. 4 no