ProfiCAD Since Version 7



ProfiCAD 7.6.6

minor fixes



ProfiCAD 7.6.5

minor fixes



ProfiCAD 7.6.4

minor fixes



ProfiCAD 7.6.3

minor fixes



ProfiCAD 7.6.2

Ability to delete a symbol from the library

In the palette of symbols, right click a symbol and select menu command Delete.

Line Type Scale

In the Properties panel, a new property for lines has been added. It allows to make a line pattern finer or coarser. For example, the value 0.3 indicates that the line segment will be 30% of the normal size. The default value is 1.

Line Type Scale



New symbols for floor plans

New symbols for floor plans have been added to the library. The symbols for doors and windows have been drawn for walls thickness 30. When using a different wall thickness, adjust the size of the symbols in the Properties panel.

For example, for a wall of thickness 50, enter for the Y scale the value 1.69. This diagram demonstrates the use of symbols for various thicknesses of walls:

floor plan

How to install:

  1. Download the symbols by clicking on the image.
  2. Extract the symbols in a subfolder (for example "others") of the folder where ProfiCAD Library is installed. The path can be determined in program settings (F12) – Paths.
  3. Press F5 to reload the symbols into the symbols panel.
symbols for floor plans



ProfiCAD 7.6.1

Ability to change a symbol in the drawing

Right-click a symbol and select menu command change symbol. Find the new symbol in the instant search dialogue box that appears, and select it by double clicking. Confirm the new symbol in the confirmation dialogue box.

changing symbol in a drawing



ProfiCAD 7.6

New symbols have been added to the library

How to install:

  1. Download the symbols by clicking on the image.
  2. Extract the symbols in the folder where ProfiCAD Library is installed. The path can be determined in program settings (F12) – Paths.
  3. Press F5 to reload the symbols into the symbols panel.
terminal strip symbols



New symbols for EIB

33 new symbols for EIB (European Installation Bus) have been added to the library

How to install:

  1. Download the symbols by clicking on the image.
  2. Extract the symbols in the folder where ProfiCAD Library is installed. The path can be determined in program settings (F12) – Paths.
  3. Press F5 to reload the symbols into the symbols panel.
EIB symbols

Some of these symbols contain parameters. Right-click a symbol in the drawing, select menu command Parameters and enter the values for the parameters in a dialogue window that appears. More about the symbols parameters.


ProfiCAD 7.5.9

Wires numbering

The dialogue window F12 - Wires numbering allows to specify how wire numbers should be displayed.


ProfiCAD 7.5.8

New arrow type

In the Properties panel a new arrow type is available:

Ability to move images to another layer

Right-click on an image and select the new command move to layer.... Select the target layer in the dialogue window that appears.

Deleting favourite symbols

In the Favourites panel, symbols can be deleted using the Delete key on the keyboard.


ProfiCAD 7.5.7

copy a page

Ability to create a copy of a page

In the Pages panel a new button (a blue plus) has been added, which allows to create a copy of the current page. The new page contains all objects from the original page.

Rotating graphical shapes

Rotating graphical shapes (command Object - Turn permanently) allows to create a copy of the rotated objects by checking the copy box.

This new video demonstrates the usage of the Object – Turn permanently command in an example of drawing a scale of a measuring device and a connector.

Best viewed in fullscreen.

French version improved

Le logiciel ProfiCAD était déjà disponible en français, mais désormais l'aide du logiciel (manuel) et la bibliothèque de symbole sont également disponibles en français. Adresse du site web de la version française: //

Comment passer à la version française de ProfiCAD:

  • Sauvegardez vos schémas et symboles
  • Désinstallez ProfiCAD, puis réeinstallez-le à nouveau à partir de l'adresse: //
  • Si vous avez créé vous propres symboles, fusionnez les avec la bibliothèque installée par ProfiCAD


ProfiCAD 7.5.6

New features for the title blocks

Two new buttons have been added to the title block settings dialogue box (F12 – Document – Title block):

Save – lets you save a title block on a disk. Useful when you no longer have the original title block inserted into the drawing.

Reload – lets you reload a title block. Useful when you have made changes to a title block and want them to apply to the title block in the drawing.

Easier filling of the title block fields

Right-clicking on the drawing area displays a menu with the item fill in title block.

Wires numbering

In program settings (F12), there is a new dialogue window called Wire numbering

>Wires numbering

If the box enable wire numbering is checked, every new wire is numbered. If the box pad with leading zeros is checked, the wire numbers are padded up to a certain number of digits specified in the text box number of digits.

Another option is to leave the automatic wire numbering disabled and number the wires again once the drawing is completed. The renumber button serves that purpose.


ProfiCAD 7.5.5

Displaying/hiding the title block on a given page

Displaying/hiding the title block on a given page

In the Pages panel, click on the Properties button (1). This displays a dialog box, where you can choose (2) if the title block should be displayed.

The new variable _potb for title blocks allows only pages with a title block to be numbered. The {_potb}/{_pc} entry displays, for example, the page number / number of pages, however only those pages are numbered that have a title block turned on.

Context Menu

Right-clicking on the drawing area, on a symbol or an image displays a context menu that facilitates certain actions.

Saving Images

An image previously inserted in the drawing can be saved on the hard drive. Right-click on the image and select Save Copy from the menu.


ProfiCAD 7.5.4

Minor fixes.


ProfiCAD 7.5.3

Multipage drawings

Current page can be switched without using the panel „Pages“. Keys PgUp and PgDn switch to the previous and to the next page.


ProfiCAD 7.5.2

Instant search for symbols

Pressing the space bar brings up a dialog box. Enter the search term into the text box (1). Symbols and folders containing the search term will appear in the list (2). Double click a symbol to insert it into the drawing. Double click a folder (yellow rectangle) to display its contents. The name of the selected folder will appear at the top of the window (3). The button (4) switches to the parent folder of the current folder.

instant search

Right-click to display a context menu that allows two actions:

  • view the folder of the symbol
  • add a symbol to the Favorites panel

AutoCAD import extended

Added support for the new DWG 2013 and DXF 2013 formats.


ProfiCAD 7.5.1

Minor fixes.


ProfiCAD 7.5

Symbol attributes


Symbols can be provided with a text description - attributes. The attributes can be created using link Attributes in the bottom part of the panel Properties (appears after you double-click on the symbol).

A dialog window will appear where you can specify the attribute name, its value and visibility in the drawing.

The attribute names can content only letters and numbers, cannot start with a number and are advised to start with a capital letter.

attributes of a symbol

Group attributes

To avoid specify attributes for each symbol separately, the program allows you to predefine attributes for symbols according to the group they belong to. Group attributes can be specified using command menu File – Library Configuration. A dialog window will appear with symbols library. Choose a symbol group on the left side. Specify attributes on the right.

The attribute value can be left empty or filled with a value that will be used most. Every symbol that will be inserted in the drawing will get attributes of its group and all its parent groups. Attributes that will be added to the group “ProfiCAD Library" will be assigned to all symbols. Use menu command View - reread symbols to apply the changes in the symbols library.

Attributes in the bill of material

Specification of components was equipped with a new button Columns that allows you to define which attributes will be a part of the bill of material.

The list (1) contents the predefined values. The text field (2) allows you to add attribute values into the bill of material. The columns names are case sensitive. The list (3) contains chosen columns that will appear in the bill of material.

Buttons (4) allow changing the column order. The button (5) allows to remove a column and buttons (6) change alignment of columns in the specification of components.

bill of material

Bill of material Configuration

In the bottom part of the dialog window you can save the configuration under a name and use it later again.

How to save a configuration: Write a name into the field (7) and press an arrow on the right side from the field.

How to open a configuration: Choose the name of configuration from the list (8).

How to change a configuration: Choose the name of configuration from the list (8), make changes in the upper part of the dialog window and press an arrow on the right side from the field (7).

How to delete a configuration: Choose the name of configuration from the list (8) and press the button on the right side from it.



ProfiCAD 7.4.3

Ability to specify the shape of wire endings

Shapes of the wire endings are determined by the software automatically. Should you need to change them later, you can do so in the Properties panel.



ProfiCAD 7.4.2

The Search panel allows searching for wires (conductors).


ProfiCAD 7.4.1

Minor fixes.


ProfiCAD 7.4

Ability to Search

Search Panel

New Search panel allows you to search for symbols, texts and graphic objects (if they contain text).

Type in the search term in the search box (1). You can switch to the results area (2) using the arrow down key. The object that you select in the search results area will be highlighted in the drawing.

Search is performed in all pages and in all layers of the drawing. This differs from the Explorer panel, which displays only the objects from the current page and layer.


Locking of the symbols panel

locked panel symbols

If you click on a group of symbols in the panel on the left hand side, the palette of symbols will be locked to that group.

This prevents accidental display of another group.

The group will unlock automatically in a few seconds.


New icon

The program now uses a new icon:

ProfiCAD icon

Catalan language added

You can set the language in F12 - Others - Language. Do not forget to restart ProfiCAD.

How to install

If automatic updates are turned on (command F12 - Others - Check for updates), the program will update itself. There is no need to run installer.



ProfiCAD 7.3.3

Cross references hyperlinks

cross references hyperlinks

Cross references between the component parts are clickable. Clicking on the link navigates you to the linked page.

For better overview we advise you to set cross reference font to look like hyperlinks, i.e. blue colour and underlined. It can be done in Program settings, F12 - Document - Fonts.

Favourite symbols

Using the menu that appears after right-clicking on the symbol, you can add any symbol from the graphical panel Symbols to the panel Favourites.

Turkish language added

You can set the language in F12 - Others - Language. Do not forget to restart ProfiCAD.



ProfiCAD 7.3.2

arcs with arrowheads

Ability to draw arcs with arrowheads

Draw an arc using the button and select type of the arrow in the Properties panel.

The direction of the arrow can be changed by clicking on the link flip arrow in the bottom part of the Properties panel.

Arrowheads can only be added to circular arcs, not to elliptical. You can draw a circular arc by holding the Ctrl key.


ProfiCAD 7.3.1

Ability to remove redundant objects

New menu command File - Purge lets you remove unused objects (definitions of symbols and images) from the drawing and thus reduce the size of the drawing on the disc.


ProfiCAD 7.3

Division of the symbols library

The program allows dividing the symbols library into several sets for easier work. You can switch between the sets using a drop down menu above groups of symbols (see picture).

symbols library divided symbols library

The new installations of the program have the library divided into three sets: "electronics", "electrical installations" and "others". You can divide your library in any other way as would suit you.

How to divide the library

  1. Press key F12 – select Paths – press Open in Explorer
  2. Create several directories, which will serve as sets of symbols
  3. Drag groups of symbols into corresponding sets of symbols created in the previous step
  4. Enable display of the divided library: F12 – Symbols – "Divide symbols library"
  5. Restart ProfiCAD

You can also download the divided library from here with the benefit of having the latest symbols.

Improved export of drawings

Following the export of a drawing (in graphic formats or DXF), a dialog box will appear with a list of the output files. For multiple page drawings, a file will be created for each page of the drawing. You can preview the file by double clicking on the output file.

When you click the Compress button, you can zip all the output files into one. The Open in Explorer button displays the output directory in Windows Explorer.

after export dialog

Title block

Two new system variables are available for the title blocks: {_file} for the file name of the drawing, and {_path} for the full path of the drawing.

How to install

If you are already using version 7, just enable the automatic updates (F12 - Others - Check for updates) and restart ProfiCAD. If you have an older version, download and install from this page.



ProfiCAD 7.2

Simpler drawing of lines and wires

If drawing a line or a link you draw a diversion and want to cancel it, press the backspace key.

Enhanced fonts

Tab F12 - Fonts allows you to set your own font for cross-references. There is also a new option to set the color of the text for all types of labels in the drawings.

font settings

Color fill of symbols

Some symbols can be color filled. This concerns symbols, which have closed areas, like circles, ellipses, rectangles, polygons, sections and slices of a circle.

The fill color is set in the Properties panel or (if you want to color fill more symbols) using the command Object - fill color. The areas that have been colored in the editor of symbols, keep their original color.

electrical symbols color filled

When filling a symbol with color, it may happen that some lines disappear, because they are covered by the colored area. In that case, open the symbol (right click on the mouse in the panel of symbols) and change the order of objects in the Explorer panel. Put the closed areas at the top of the list, so that they do not cover other objects.

Some symbols have been modified to allow you to fill them with color. You may download them here.


ProfiCAD 7.1.1

Adjustable format of the cross references

The format of the cross references can be adjusted by entering a formula in F12 - Symbols. The formula can contain these variables:

{ref}reference (only for symbols)
{pa}page abbreviation
{po}page ordinary number


formulacross reference
{ref}/{po}.{pa}.{zone}reference/page ordinary
/{po}.{zone}/page ordinary



ProfiCAD 7.1

Batch Printing

Use command File - Print Drawings to print multiple drawings at once. Use the "Setup" button to select a different printer.

If you select a PDF converter as a printer, you can use this function for bulk export to the PDF format.

batch printing



ProfiCAD 7

Panel Documents

The new panel "Documents" allows you to preview documents without opening them.

panel Documents

It works similarly to the Symbols panel- , just hover the mouse over a directory name. The panel shows documents from a directory (path) which is listed in the F12 - paths tab. The panel does not show documents that are located directly on the specified path. You need to create subgroups (directories) for each group of documents.

CAD drawings preview

For example, if the path to the documents is "D:\drawings\", you need to create several subdirectories, e. g. "D:\drawings\Project1\", "D:\drawings\Project2\" etc. and place your drawings into them.

A document can be opened by clicking on the thumbnail of the document. A right-click menu appears with the item "to create a similar document." If you often create similar documents, you can create a document as a template and then create documents as a copy of the template.

Labels of symbols have been renamed

Labels of symbols are now placed to the left of the symbols. If you prefer the old location to the right of the symbols, you can set this option in F12 - Symbols.

Previously, each symbols had two labels assigned: type and value. Since version 7 the labels are called reference and type:

before now example (relay)
type reference K5
value type NFZ22E-20

The term reference stands for "reference designation" according to the norm EN 61082-1, ​​Article 5.20

Bill of material

The figure shows the new bill of material

bill of material

When you check the "Group" checkbox, the number of pieces of each item is displayed.

bill of material grouped

Multi-page documents

The new panel "Pages" allows you to create multipage documents. The icon of the panel represents a drawing in a spiral binding.

Each page has a short name (recommended length is 4 characters) that appears in the panel "Pages" and cross references. If a title block is enabled, it is displayed on all pages.

Where to enter data for the title block:

data common for all pages (e.g. author, company etc.) as before (F12 - Document - Summary)
data for a particular page (e.g. title, supplementary title) select a page in the "Pages" panel and click the "Rename" button

In the title block you can use three new system variables generated automatically by the program.

name meaning
_po page ordinary number
_pc page count (total number of pages)
_pa page abbreviation (short name)

For example, the title block could contain the field "Sheet: {_po}/{_pc}" which appears in the drawing such as "Sheet: 3/10".

A new title block standard7.ptb containing the Sheet: {_po}/{_pc} field was created for this version.


The previous version of the program tried to utilize the printable area of printers to the maximum. Only very thin margins remained around the drawing. The new version allows you to set the preferred page margins. The page margins can be set in F12 - Document - Size. The recommended value is 10 mm.

In order to fit the drawings created in previous versions into an area decreased by the page margins, the drawing is automatically scaled down. In such cases the option F12 - Document - Size - "include page margins in the drawing area" is not checked.

F12 - Document - Size - "include page margins in the drawing area"
option is not checked option is checked

Suitable for drawings created in previous versions (before version 7).

During drawing the drawing area is still the same - even if you change the width of the margins.

During printing, the drawing is scaled down in order to gain space for margins.

Suitable for drawings created in version 7.

The margins are subtracted from the drawing area. That means that when you change the width of the margins, the drawing area will change.

During printing, no scale down of the drawing will occur.

Cross references - wires

If two wires have the same name, they are considered to be connected (they have the same potential). The name of a wire can be entered in the "Properties" panel. If a wire ends in the air and there is another wire with the same name on another page, the reference to the other wire is automatically displayed.

Cross references - symbols

A component is an electrical device that consists of one or more symbols.

For example, a relay coil and contacts. The main symbol is the relay coil; the individual contacts are subordinate symbols.

For example the main symbol of a component is labeled (reference) K5. The subordinate symbols would be labeled parent reference + dot + number, for example K5.1, K5.2 etc.

In other words, all symbols of a component have the same reference left of the dot.

The subordinate symbols are normally not shown in the bill of material. If you want them to be shown, check the "Show subordinate symbols" on the bill of material dialog window.

If you follow this method of labeling, a reference table appears beside each symbol that is part of a component.

The figure shows the relay on page 1,

and its contacts on page 2

Cross references are displayed in the format reference/, in accordance with the norm EN 61082-1, ​​article 5.8

The generation of the cross references is disabled by default. You can enable it in F12 - System - Symbols - Create cross references of symbols and Create cross references of wires.

When you move a symbol in the drawing, you can use the File - Refresh cross references command to update the zone of the symbols.

Parameterized symbols

This symbol (pulse-code modulation) can be used only with values 3 and 7. The problem can be solved as follows:

Open the symbol in the editor of symbols. Replace the values 3 and 7 by parameters - for example x and y in curly braces { }. You will get a parameterized symbol.

In the drawing select the symbol, open the Properties panel (by double clicking the symbol), click the "Parameters" link and enter the values for the x and y parameters.

How to install

If you already have ProfiCAD, you can download the installer for upgrade. You can install over the existing version 6. This is a paid upgrade.

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