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Linear Dimension

dimension points

Draws a horizontal or vertical dimension.

Click the icon or select menu command Draw - Linear dimension. Click the mouse to select the first point (1) (start of the first extension line). Use the next mouse click to select the start of the second extension line (2). With the third mouse click, select the point (3), through which the dimension line will be drawn. This dimension line is either horizontal or vertical, depending on the position of the third point relative to the first two.

Aligned dimension

Draws a dimension at any angle

Click the icon or select command Draw - Aligned dimension. The next procedure is the same as for linear dimensions.

Difference between linear and aligned dimensions: difference between linear and aligned dimensions

Diameter dimension

Used to dimension the diameter of a circle. Click the icon or select menu command Draw - Diameter dimension. The program supports three ways to dimension a circle. The diameter dimension is defined by two points: the first point lies on the circle and the second point lies:

  1. inside of the circle
  2. outside of the circle
  3. at the opposite point of the circle

Dimension styles

The program contains several predefined dimensioning styles. Each page may have a different dimension style set.

Right-click the drawing, select Page Settings from the menu and select the Dimension Style tab. A dialog box appears, which allows you to:

  • choose one of the predefined styles
  • create a new dimension style
  • modify a dimension style
  • delete a dimension style
dimension style - select

Clicking on the button New or Modify brings up a dialogue window where you can modify the properties of the dimension style. The dialog box also includes a dimension style preview that illustrates the meaning of all parameters.

dimension style - edit

Dimensioning units

All dimensions on a page use the same dimension unit that you can set in the Dimension Style dialog box. The dimension unit is not referenced on the dimensions but may be listed in the title block. The corresponding system variable is {_du}.

Print settings and page size

The following changes have been made since the last version:

  1. The print settings and page size are now separated.
  2. Each page can have a different size.

Print settings

Right-click the drawing, select Page Settings from the popup-menu and select the Print Settings tab. A dialog box appears, which allows you to:

  • select a paper size from several predefined formats
  • if you want to use a different size, press the Setup button and select a format in the printer dialog
  • set the print scale
  • print a drawing on a given number of paper sheets across and down (this allows for example to print an A3 size drawing on an A4 size paper)

Page size

Right-click the drawing, select Page Settings from the menu and select the Page Size tab. A dialog box appears, offering three paper sizes:

  • a) according to print settings
  • b) custom size in millimeters
  • c) predefined paper sizes

For a) and b), you can also specify the number of sheets of paper across and down.

Wire labels

Wire labels can be placed over the wires (instead of beside them) so they take up less space.

before now

This option is in the program setting (F12) - Wires Numbering, Place labels over the wire.

How to install

If you already have ProfiCAD, you can download the installer for upgrade. You can install over the previous version. This is a paid upgrade.

If you have purchased ProfiCAD after May 28, 2018, you can upgrade to Version 10 free of charge. For activation use the key that you have received when you purchased the program.

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