Working with objects

The following operations can be performed with objects (symbols, graphical shapes and text):

Selecting an object

Object (symbol or graphic object) can be selected by the left mouse button. If you want to select several objects at a time, press and hold the Ctrl + Shift keys while selecting the objects by clicking the left mouse button. If the objects we want to select are located in a rectangular area, we can select them in the following way:

1. click the left mouse button in the upper left corner of the area you want to select.

2. move the mouse pointer to the bottom right corner of the area you want to select while holding the left mouse button.

Cloning an object

Press and hold Ctrl key. Drag the object with mouse (as if you wanted to move it). A copy of the object is created.

Rotating symbols

Symbols and texts can be rotated by angles with multiples of 45°. To rotate an object use the menu commands Object - Rotate. On the Rotate tab enter the rotation angle. You can also use icons from the toolbar to rotate the object per 90° steps (for 45° rotation use the commands from the menu).

Rotating other objects

Use menu command Object - Rotating graphical shapes.


Symbols and some graphical objects can be flipped both vertically and horizontally. To flip an object use the menu commands Object - Flip horizontally or Flip vertically. You can also use icons from the toolbar to flip an object.


Choose the object (using your mouse or in the panel Explorer) and press Delete.

How to set the contour thickness and line type

A double-click on the line brings up the panel Properties where the line appearance can be set.


Symbols, texts and graphical shapes can be aligned. Use the menu commnad View - Align. The alignment commands become available when at least two objects are selected. The alignment is always based on the object that has been selected first.

Changing the order of graphical shapes layers

Sometimes it may be necessary to change the order of graphic objects. This can be done by using the arrows in the Explorer panel (they move the selected object one position closer or further).


Availability of described operations

The following table summarizes operations, which can be performed with objects:

  symbols graphical shapes texts group of symbols
rotating YES NO YES (only one row texts) NO
flipping YES lines, curves and polygons NO YES
alignment YES YES YES NO
changing the order of graphical shapes layers YES YES YES NO