Working environment setting

The following commands are available in the View; menu


Toggles the auxiliary grid on/off.

Background color

Sets the background color of the drawing.

Show outlet numbers

Toggles the symbols' outlet numbers display on/off. Very useful for checking of the generated netlists.

...more about the Netlist

more information about working environment:


A list of values for working environment scale setting (zoom) is available in the main toolbar.


The program uses tenths of mm units for line thickness, label positions, etc. setting.


Snap and working environment

The snap makes it easier to align symbols, text labels and other objects.

setting snap on the toolbar

Snap of the current document can be adjusted on the main toolbar (2).

A feature called "automatic snap" can be activated by the button (1). In this mode the value of the snap is automatically calculated from the actual zoom.


Purging the drawing

Purging the drawing (menu File - Purge) removes from the drawing objects no longer used (symbols, images and title blocks). This will reduce the file size of the drawing. It is recommended to run this function occasionally, especially for larger drawings.