You can generate the netlist from the Outputs - Netlist menu.

Before the netlist generation the program automatically checks the references of all symbols for correctness. Every symbol must have a reference defined and this reference must be unique in the whole document. The reference can be set up in the dialog box, which can be called out by double clicking on the symbol. If the program finds any errors in the symbols, the list of these errors is generated instead of the netlist.

The netlist format is RACAL REDAC. Every single line of the netlist represents one node. Each node consists of a list of symbols and their outlets (a space is used as a separator). For instance the node R1 1 T3 2 means a connection between the first outlet of the R1 resistor with the second outlet of the T3 transistor.

Symbol outlets are numbered automatically based on the order in which they were created in the symbol editor. To see the outlet numbers, switch the outlet number displaying on (View - Show outlet numbers).

The decision whether a wire and an outlet represent a conductive link is based on whether they have exactly the same position. It is therefore necessary to draw links only when all the symbols have been drawn. Be careful not to move the symbol by 0.1mm accidentally when using the cursor keys. Such small position change is not noticeable and the concerned links in the diagram will therefore not be conductive.

When you have generated the netlist, switch on the outlet number displaying (View - Show outlet numbers) and check the correctness of the diagram.

Example of a netlist

For this diagram

the program generated the following netlist: