Variables are used to display variable information in the title block. Write the variables in the form {variable-name}. The program replaces the variable name with its value.

User Variables

User variables can be defined for the entire project (F12 - Project - Variables) or for a single page (the User Variables tab in the Page Setup dialog).

System Variables

Project wide system variables:

name meaning
_path path to the drawing
_file file name of the drawing

Page specific system variables:

name meaning
_po page ordinary number
_pc page count (total number of pages)
_pcs page ordinary number
(multi-page reports: one sheet of paper = one page)
_pcsc page count (total number of pages)
(multi-page reports: one sheet of paper = one page)
_pa page abbreviation (short name)
_potb page ordinary number (just pages with title block)
_sc page scale
_du dimension unit

For example, the title block could contain the field "Sheet: {_po}/{_pc}" which appears in the drawing such as "Sheet: 3/10".

Some variables are correctly displayed only in print preview and in print.