Variables are used to display variable information in the title block. Write the variables in the form {variable-name}. The program replaces the variable name with its value.

If the value of the variable is specified in both cases (for the entire document and for the page), the value for the page takes precedence.

User Variables

User variables can be defined for the entire project (F12 - Project - Variables) or for a single page (the User Variables tab in the Page Setup dialog).

System Variables

Project wide system variables:

name meaning
_path path to the drawing
_file file name of the drawing

Page specific system variables:

name meaning
_po page ordinary number
_pc page count (total number of pages)
_pcs page ordinary number
(multi-page reports: one sheet of paper = one page)
_pcsc page count (total number of pages)
(multi-page reports: one sheet of paper = one page)
_pa page abbreviation (short name)
_potb page ordinary number (just pages with title block)
_sc page scale
_du dimension unit

For example, the title block could contain the field "Sheet: {_po}/{_pc}" which appears in the drawing such as "Sheet: 3/10".

Some variables are correctly displayed only in print preview and in print.