Program settings

Use menu command File - Settings or press F12 to access program settings.

You can make the following settings in this dialog box:


System - Paths

Symbols library

Set the main path (root directory), where all symbols are stored (PPD and PICD files).

Open in Windows Explorer

This button opens Windows Explorer in the directory where your ProfiCAD library is located. Useful when you need to manipulate the contents of the library (rename, move or delete files and directories).


System - Control


The UNDO/REDO function allows you to cancel the last action. In this dialog box you can disable the undo/redo function (for instance if your computer is not fast enough and has problems running with this functionality on).

Number of steps on zoom change

The zoom is being changed continuously to prevent eye fatigue. This tab allows you to set the number of redrawing steps when the zoom is changed.

Enable auto scrolling

When you move the mouse pointer to the edge of your working area, the drawing scrolls in the appropriate direction.

Confirmation when deleting

Activates/deactivates the message "Delete selected objects?" when deleting objects.


Enables save documents automatically. Auto-Save saves only documents that have been saved manually before.

Option Create backup copy creates a backup copy of the document on every save. The backup copy replaces the previous backup copy. The backup copies have extension BAK and they are saved to the same folder as the document.


System - Symbols

Renumbering symbols on copying

Here you can set what will happen with the "reference" value (e.g. index - for example for the R10 type the index is number 10) when copying one or more parts.

The first option "Do not renumber" does not change the index value when copying (duplicate index will be created).

The second option "Assign the nearest value" the copied symbol will be assigned the nearest possible index value.

The third option "Add this value" means that the index of the copied symbol will be increased by the value you specified. In this last case, there is no duplicity check.


System - Others

Working area in Symbol Editor

If you draw larger symbols you can set up a higher value.

Remember properties of lines and wires

If you change color or thickness of a line or a wire, the next line or wire will be drawn with the same color and thickness. Not everybody may like this feature and that is why you need to switch it on in Program settings - Others - Use initial values of lines and wires.


This setting allows changing the language of the program.

Check for updates at program start

At program start ProfiCAD checks whether a newer version is available. If yes, it is downloaded and installed. In such case, you will be prompted to save your work, because the program will need to restart.

It is recommended to leave this setting on, so you always have the latest version. If you do not have permanent internet connection, please check for updates occasionally using Windows menu Start - Program Files - ProfiCAD - Check for updates.


System - Wires

Auto-connect symbols over wire

The program allows connecting a symbol into an existing connection (wire). A symbol placed over a connection is automatically connected into the connection. When the symbol is deleted, the connection is restored.

Auto-connecting of symbols

When a symbol does not auto-connect, it may be due to snap. Increase the zoom and move the symbol while holding the Shift key (to suppress the effect of snap).


Document - Reports

Contains various options for adjusting the appearance of print reports.


Document - Fonts

The settings for "Letterings" and "Texts" are only initial settings, which can be later modified for each text individually.


Document - Contents

Show types and values

You can activate/deactivate displaying of all types and values (so you do not need to activate/deactivate every individual value and type).


Activates/Deactivates the frame around the diagram and the title block.



Here enter the variables for the title block.


Document - Description

Place for description of the project.


Title block

Use this dialog to insert a title block into your drawing. More info here.

title block 


Reference grid

The reference grid is used for better orientation in large drawings. It is in the paid version only.

reference grid


Wires numbering

It contains various options for placing connection labels and the option to start renumbering connections. This can also be started using the menu command Edit - Renumber wires.

Wires numbering