How to insert a title block into a drawing

default title block

If this function is not disabled (F12 - "Others" tab, field initial title block for new drawings at the bottom of the dialog window), a title block is automatically inserted into new drawings.

inserting title block

Insert a title block into the drawing using command Options - Document - Title Block. Use the Change button to open the dialog window where you can select the TB you intend to use. TBs are located in the _TB folder in the symbols library.

showing / hiding title block

Check Show Title Block on the top of the window to make the TB visible. You can temporarily hide the title block by unchecking the checkbox. You can completely remove the title block from the document using the Remove button. If you remove the title block, the size of the file with the drawing will decrease.

after the title block was changed

Use the Reload button to reload the title block into the drawing.

title block display options

You can adjust the distance of the TB from the borders of the document. Check Turn by 90° to turn the TB to get for example a landscape oriented drawing with a TB on the shorter side.

dialog window for inserting title block into a drawing